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How To Install Kitchen Sink In New Countertop

How To Install Kitchen Sink In New Countertop

Moving into a new house is an exciting process. The thing I look forward to the most is to customize and decorate my home to reflect on how I want it to look. I loved most things about my new home, bar one aspect. My kitchen had an existing, dull beige laminate countertop, which I just had to replace. I already bought a new undermount sink, and now I was focused on selecting a new countertop to install my kitchen sink in.

Kitchen countertops have various types such as – laminate, granite, stone, marble, quartz, etc. So you’re going to have plenty of choices. Additionally, countertop pricing is per square foot. Hence you must measure your required space before buying a countertop. Additionally, given the fact that countertops are measured per square foot, you have the flexibility of customizing the size of your countertops. With the freedom of combining the material and size, you have complete flexibility to customize your new kitchen countertop.

After much research, I chose to go with granite as the choice for my new countertop. I love the shiny finish that granite presents compared to its counterparts. Similarly, you can choose which material goes well with your kitchen setting. If you have windows in your kitchen that bring in ample natural light, choosing a light-colored reflective material will work well. Conversely, many modern kitchen designs are primarily grey, which is accompanied well by soapstone countertops.

Alignment is everything in this project. Your sink needs to be attached perfectly above your sink cabinet. Locating the center of your sink cabinet is easy, though tedious. Most sink areas measure 36 inches by 24 inches, so measure and mark 18 inches by 12 inches on the countertop. At the point where these marks meet, draw a dark circle or small “X.” Always double check your measurements before starting to cut your countertop. The best way to review your measurements is to place or hold your new countertop over your old one.

This “X” is the calculated center of your sink cabinet. Ideally, your sink drain will be attached to this ‘X.” Along with your new sink, you will also receive a cardboard or paper cutout of the sink’s dimensions. Place this cutout above the “X” and then using a marker trace the cutout onto your countertop. Additionally, review your kitchen plumbing and measure if your new sink’s clearance compared to the old one. It is easier to make alterations to your pipes before starting the installation process.

Here’s an important tip for you –

Draw another square 1 inch inside your original outline. The new outline will serve as the opening of your sink.

Additionally, cover your outline with masking tape. The tape will reduce the possibility of your laminate countertop chipping while you saw along the outline.

learn how to install kitchen sink in new countertop

Average Cost To Install Your Kitchen Sink In New Countertop

You’ll undoubtedly face the dilemma I faced while deciding to buy a new countertop. There are a vast number of options in the market for you to choose from. Before beginning this project, take the time to select the type and size of the countertop that best suits your needs. The typical cost of this project will be between $100-$400.

Time Required

To install a kitchen sink in your new countertop will take time. You need to be patient while cutting your countertop as it is the base for your new sink. Take your time outlining and then tracing it using a drill. Be prepared to invest 2-4 hours towards this project.

Tools & Material

In the project you will need to operate powerful tools such as drills and grinders. Always wear the following protective gear while operating these tools –

  • Protective Gloves
  • Eye Goggles
  • Protective Face Mask

Installing New Kitchen Sink on a Laminate Countertop

If you’ve chosen to go with a laminate countertop, follow these steps to install your kitchen sink in your new countertop.

see how to instal al kitchen sink in new countertop correctly
  • Using a 3/4-inch spade bit drill two starter holes in opposite corners just inside the cutting line. These holes will provide ease of entry for your blade to cut through the lines.
  • Insert the blade of the jigsaw into the hole and begin sawing. As you saw, move slowly, because forcing the blade through the laminate will lead to jagged edges and crooked lines.
  • As the cut line of the countertop is hiding under the lip of the sink, your hole doesn’t need to be perfectly straight or smooth. But maintain focus at all times while cutting to make it as neat as possible.
  • Be patient as you cut through the laminate to avoid any chips or breakage. Applying constant pressure to your saw, cut along your oultine until you have reached the halfway point.
  • Place the 2×4 lengthwise on the laminate countertop. Make sure that the ends of the board extend about 6 inches beyond your cutout.
  • Screw the board to the countertop with two screws inside the cutout lines. This board will hold the cutout in place while you continue to saw through the countertop.
  • Additionally, it’ll make sure your cutout doesn’t tear away from the rest of the laminate and drop into the cabinet below.

Important Tip – Screwing the 2×4 onto your half cutout will absorb the pressure from the saw and keep the countertop you are cutting in place until the end. Failing to do so will lead to the cutout falling into your kitchen cabinet, potentially damaging the floor or any other plumbing that you have in place.

Proceed to saw the other half of your outline. Lastly, lift the cutout from the laminate countertop by grasping the 2×4 and lifting it straight up.

Using an angle grinder, drag its tip along the edges of the sinkhole to remove any deep scratches and unevenness.

Once you have created your sink opening, you can proceed to install your kitchen sink in the new countertop.

Depending on your type of sink follow these guides to learn how to install them –

Installing New Kitchen Sink on a Granite Countertop

For laminate countertops, using a jigsaw will suffice. But you’ll need more powerful tools for other kinds of countertops. Instead of using a drill, you’ll need a 4.5-inch turbo rim diamond blade attached to a 4.5-inch angle grinder.

Always wear safety gloves, goggles, and a mask while operating these tools. Additionally, cutting through granite or stone will produce a large amount of dust and residue.

Along with granite countertops, the following steps are also applicable if you have a marble or quartz countertop.

Granite and Marble countertops are harder to cut than their laminate counterparts. Hence, we advise that you cut your sink opening before installing your new countertop.

kitchen sink
  • Place your countertop onto two horses or equal-sized lumber. Ensuring there is ample room between the ground and your countertop. The main focus is to have the countertop level while you are cutting it.
  • Just as with the laminate countertop, create an outline of your sink using a marker.
  • Before you start to cut along the outline, create a plunge cut ensuring that your cuts are 1 to 2 mm inside the outline. Furthermore, draw another outline inside the main one which you will trace to create your sink opening.
  • Using your 4.5-inch angle grinder trace along the outline you made as well as possible.
  • Trace the outline patiently, ensuring the cut is as smooth as possible. It is normal to have ragged edges at the corners, but do not worry about those as you can smooth them later.
  • Once done tracing the outline, drag the tip of the angle grinder blade along the edges of the sinkhole to remove any deep scratches and unevenness.

Important Tip – Never push the tip of the angle grinder blade as it will result in gouges.

Depending on your type of sink follow these guides to learn how to install them –

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Install Kitchen Sink In New Countertop

Which countertop type is the best?

Your choice of countertop is completely based on preference. As mentioned in the article there are endless options to choose from for both size and material.

Which countertops are easier to cut?

Laminate countertops are easier to cut than their stone and marble counterparts. For laminate countertops you can use a spade drill, however for the others you will need to use a grinder.


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