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How To Paint With Glitter: The Many Ways Of Applying Glitter


In a few months, Joseph is going to be having his family visit his home for a reunion. He decided that he needed to give parts of his house a makeover in order to surprise his guests. The idea he had in mind was painting and applying glitter paint to the walls of his home in order to make it look inviting for his guests.

He purchased cans of lavender, gold and red glitter paint and proceeded to get started with the painting. After applying some of the glitter paint on the wall of his room, he noticed that the paint he’s using has way too much glitter.

He imagined that all glitter would make his house look like a disco party of some kind, which he was not keen on letting happen. He tested another can of glitter paint he recently purchased in order to see how that looked compared to the previous can.

This time, the paint looked like it had no glitter in it at all. Fed up with the setbacks, Joseph resorted to purchasing glitter paint additive to mix with standard paint. With this method, now he has full control of how he wants the walls to look like without having to resort to chance in terms of how the paint he’s using will look.

He poured in the amount of glitter he wanted into the paint, mixed it, and applied the paint to the wall. Finally, he got the result he wanted. He proceeded to paint his room with lavender glitter paint. For the living room, he painted the room with red glitter paint.

Finally, for the kitchen, he painted the room with gold glitter paint. Once finished, each room had its own sort of personality to it that made it look pleasing to the eye. Joseph couldn’t be any happier with the result. He let the paint dry and further waited until the moment of truth, where his family gets to see his hard work.


One would assume painting walls a certain color or texture are enough to decorate the walls of a building. There is, however, still more you can do to make the walls look even more unique in terms of appearance and personality.

You can use glitter in order to make the room look sparkling from afar. It is an excellent sight once you’re finished with all the decorations. There are multiple methods when it comes to painting walls with glitter. They are as follows:

  • Glitter Paint Additive
  • Glitter Paint All-In-One
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Glitter Paint

Glitter Paint Additive

Arguably, the most convenient and user-friendly method is using glitter paint additive. Glitter paint additive comes in numerous colors, so there’s a great deal of variety for your choosing. You can choose any color you desire in order to make the walls inside a building look a certain way.

The best thing about this method is that you can control the type, the color and the amount of glitter you want to put on the walls. How much glitter paint additive you should put into the paint is entirely up to you and how much glitter you want to show on the wall.

Carefully pour the glitter paint additive into the paint of your choosing and mix. Stir and mix thoroughly so the glitter is spread throughout the paint instead of being bunched together.

Once finished, paint the walls using either a brush or a roller. When fully dry, the glitter shows within the paint and leads to a sparkling and beautiful sight.

Glitter Paint All-In-One

Glitter Paint All-In-One

The next method is paint that’s already mixed with glitter and packaged in cans. This method is a more accessible way to paint walls with glitter. At the same time though, you have far less control over the method as a whole.

You’re not able to control how much glitter you want to put in the paint. There is already a certain amount of glitter within that paint. All you can do is apply the paint on the walls.

Before doing that, first, apply the white primer on the wall using a roller. While the primer is drying, stir the glitter paint. Do that to keep the glitter dispersed before applying the paint onto the wall.

Once the primer is dry, use a 3/8” roller and apply a layer of glitter paint onto the wall. How much paint you want to put on the wall is up to you and how you want the walls to look.

If you want to add more layers, be sure to wait every 2-4 hours before applying another coat. That way, you give the previous coating of paint enough time to dry.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Glitter Paint

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Glitter Paint

The third and final method of using glitter paint is one that allows even more freedom in terms of how you want to apply glitter. Add your favorite kind of glitter into Mod Podge or clear glue and mix it with another kind of glitter in order to create a wild mixture.

Another thing is choosing parts of the wall to apply glitter. If you finished painting, blow the glitter onto the wet paint. Make it to where one area of the wall has more glitter than other parts and possibly create different patterns with the glitter itself in terms of its density.

Another approach is using spray glue, where you spray the wall with glue and then apply the glitter onto it. Before doing that, you need to take into account how using glues require ventilation. Keep windows open or fans on and have the fans directed away from the walls where you’re applying the glitter on.


Taking into account the numerous ways of applying glitter to the walls, glitter expands the possibilities there are in decorating the walls a certain way. The painting process becomes all the more complex as there are so many factors on how you can decorate the walls.

It’s exciting and interesting, to say the least. Above all else, it depends entirely on how you want to approach the process. It’s daunting, but once you start painting, you will lose yourself in the fun of it all.


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