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How To Paint Walls In A Mobile Home: The Process of Home Improvement


Cody has recently moved out of his parents’ home and purchased himself a mobile home. He’s only recently lived in it for a month. After moving in, he sought to decorate the home and add some personality to it. He got his painting equipment and was ready to paint the walls in his mobile home. However, he was confused over the type of paint that’s suitable for his mobile home.

After doing research on how to paint walls in a mobile home, he realized how his home has vinyl on gypsum wall panels or VOG panels. Instead of using tape to cover the seams, batten strips are installed over them.

He had to decide on whether to take them down and fill in the seams, leave them as they are, or paint over them. Wanting to do things the easy way, Cody decided to avoid painting them, and instead, he painted the walls and everything else in the mobile home. He prepared his working area for painting and got to work on painting his mobile home. After priming the walls, he went back to pondering over how to deal with the batten strips.

They were beige-wood colored and Cody planned to have the walls around the batten strips be painted red. He eventually decided to paint it all red since he figured the beige-wood batten strips would contrast with the red-colored walls. After painting the walls of his mobile home using a roller, he was finally finished.

He found that it took less time to paint the walls in his mobile home compared to painting a house. Exhausted, he put his painting tools away and relaxed. He was still pondering over whether or not he made the right choice in painting the batten strips red, along with the walls.


Painting in a mobile home arguably is an easier process compared to painting in a house since mobile homes are typically smaller compared to bigger houses. Mobile homes or manufactured homes come in various sizes. Typically, a single wide manufactured home has a width, that ranges from 14 to 18 inches and a length, that ranges from 66 to 80 inches. The cost of a single wide mobile home is around $51,000 and up, depending on what else you purchase along with the home.

The materials needed for painting in a mobile home are as follows:

  • Cleaning solution, rags or sponge
  • Quality paint brushes and rollers
  • Drop cloths and painter’s tape
  • Spackle    


The first thing to do, in terms of preparation, is to clean your walls with a rag or sponge. Go over every inch twice in order to make the walls thoroughly clean and ready for painting. Next, cover the floors and furniture with drop cloths in order to avoid getting primer or paint on them. Once the wall has dried after washing and cleaning the walls, use painter’s tape to cover the trim, ceiling, and flooring. If you happen to find any holes, fill them with spackling compound and sand.


Applying Primer In a Mobile Home

Priming the walls of your mobile home is the next step of the process. Use lighter coats of primer instead of a heavy coat since you want an even coverage. One or two coats of primer are sufficient enough. If you’re going to apply two coats of primer, wait a couple of hours after applying the first coat of primer, so it can dry before applying the second coat. The best brands of primer to use are as follows:

Removal Of Battens

Removing the batten strips is a step that can potentially be one of the most time-consuming. Removing the batten strips by itself is the easy part. Filling in the gaps and painting are the more time-consuming part. When removing the battens from the Vinyl walls, use drywall tape and compound.

Applying drywall tape

Stir the compound gently. By stirring, you keep air from getting caught in the mixture. Cut a thick layer of compound into the seam with a 6-inch drywall knife. Next, add tape from top to bottom, using a 4-inch knife. Add another layer of filler coat with the 6-inch knife and let it dry. Next, add another thin coat of compound, feathering the edges out as far as 10 inches, using a 9 or 12-inch knife. Let that dry.

Applying Primer In A Mobile Home

Finally, you need to lightly sand the compound in order to create an even surface. Once that’s done, the final thing to do is paint the wall.


Painting In A Mobile Home

The recommended brands for painting are as follows:

The final step is the painting itself. Before going through with painting, cut the edges, or manually drawing lines of paint along elements that don’t get painted. Finally, use a roller and paint your mobile home. Add another coat of paint, if necessary. Make sure to give the previous coat another time to dry before starting on another one.


In conclusion, painting the walls in your mobile home can be either easier or more time-consuming than painting the walls in a house. It can take close to five days in terms of painting everything you want to paint and also following the steps provided. The process also includes the amount of time you have to wait for the paint and primer to dry after applying them to the wall. Despite how time-consuming the process can be, it’s altogether worth it if you want your mobile home to look aesthetically pleasing for your guests.

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