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House Cleaning Time Calculator

Cleaning Tasks Quantity Time
Area of house Mob/ Sweep
Bed Rooms (10m)
Vacuum carpets (5m)
Make beds (3m)
Dust furniture (6m)
Dust and clean mirrors (5m)
Kitchen (15m)
Stove (8m)
Clean microwave (15m)
Clean outside of oven (2m)
Clean outside of dishwasher (2m)
Clean outside of refrigerator (7m)
Clean kitchen table (4m)
Clean sink (3m)
Clean cabinet fronts (5m)
Clean and disinfect counter tops (8m)
Empty trash (2m)
Dining Room (12m)
Living/Family Room (12m)
Office/Flex Room (15m)
Bathrooms (8m)
Tub / shower cleaning (10m)
Shower walls cleaning (10m)
Shower door (5m)
Shower tracks (6m)
Shower glass (6m)
Toilets disinfected (in/out) (10m)
Light fixtures dusted / cleaning (5m)
Mirrors / pictures cleaned (3m)
Towel racks (4m)
Toilet paper holders (2m)
Toilet shelves (5m)
Clean door (6m)
Stairs, Hallways & Foyers (10m)
Stair railing (12m)
Windows cleaning (10m)
Total Time: