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Mexican Home Decor: Bring Your Abode to Life

Mexican Home Decor: Bring Your Abode to Life

Decorating your home can be a fun task. It’s a great way to keep yourself busy and gives an entirely new feel to the space you live in. The changes you make can have a considerable impact on how your guests are welcomed and your levels of productivity. You want to make sure that your living space is comfortable and personal. It is a reflection of yourself, after all. That why Mexican Home Decor is a great fit for most tying to add more flavor to their living space.

That is why it’s important to have a home that is pleasing to the eye but speaks to your interests and preferences as well. With that being said, it can also be difficult to decide which styles best suits your taste. There are many different choices to be made when it comes to improving your home.

Here are a few questions to keep in mind when trying to decide.

Are you someone who is looking for a way to brighten your home? Do you love a pop of vibrant color? Are you interested in cultural artifacts?

If you responded ‘yes’ to any of these options, then Mexican home decor may be the right fit for you. This style is a great way to give your abode a personality of its own. The energy that it brings can help give you a bright start to every day you spend in it.

Now that you have discovered what you want your home to look like, let’s take a look at what Mexican home decor has to offer. From unique patterns to culturally rich pottery, the possibilities are endless. It is up to you to decide which items you connect with the most. Here are some of the most recognizable features of Mexican home decor that you can use to fix up your living space.

Bright Colors: Prepare to make your home stand out!

Mexican home decor is often associated with rich colors like red, blue, and yellow. These bright colors can give off a sense of warmth and are sure to make your home stand out. It is best to balance different colors so that they are equally inviting. One way you can achieve this is by painting an accent wall in a room while leaving the rest white. As a result, the other colors you choose to include will not clash with each other. 

cactus near window

Fabric & Texture: Accenting with style

This style also includes a variety of unique patterns and prints that are handwoven. A bold and colorful throw blanket is a small touch, but it can add a fresh feel to your living space. You can also look for decorative pillows with similar patterns to place on your couch, or rugs to go along with it. 

Colorful fabric

Pottery: Clay perfection

Talavera pottery is a traditional form of art that originated in Spain and has become a staple of Mexican decor. This pottery was mainly decorated with blue paint but is also found in a variety of colors. Some of these may include green and orange and can be a beautiful addition to your home. You can find Talavera pottery in the form of plates and bowls, which can be used to decorate your dining room. Flower pots and vases are two more examples of accents that can bring color to any room that they are placed. 

white and blue ceramic floral floor vase

Mexican pottery

Tiles: Give your floors a new personality

Talavera pottery is also used to create ceramic tiles, and can make improvements in countless ways throughout your home. In your kitchen, these tiles can make for a unique backsplash or a countertop. As for your bathroom, you can replace your floors with these bold tiles or use them to brighten up your walls. If you have a fireplace, Talavera tiles can give it a more modern and sleek update. Talavera tiles are also found on staircases and even fountains. One benefit of using Talavera tiles is that they can be installed almost anywhere in your home – both inside and out. Another plus is that they are very easy to maintain.


Mexican home decor - talavera tiles for stairs
Mexican home decor - talavera tiles for a fountain

Wall Decor & Art: The beauty of culture

Different forms of Mexican folk art, like terracotta wall hangings and candle holders, are a beautiful part of Mexican culture. Adding this to your walls can work well if you are looking for something that is more subtle but still inviting. Scroll to see a few examples of wall decor that you may enjoy depending on your style. 

Mexican home decor - wall hangings
Mexican home decor - pottery and wall hangings

Frequently Asked Questions: Mexican Home Decor

Where can I look to find Mexican home decor?

There are a variety of websites that offer affordable products, but you can find a large selection on Amazon. Here are a few items that are available:

How do I start with the renovation process?

You should begin by making a plan beforehand, especially if you are going to make large alterations. For smaller changes, this may not be necessary. But, you should still purchase items that you think will go well together.


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