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8 Free Gardening Apps to Keep You Connected

8 Free Gardening Apps to Keep You Connected

The worlds of nature and technology seem very different. Some people may prefer to stay outside and work in the soil. Others may enjoy staying inside on their phones; after all, there is a whole world of information and connections on the internet. But these worlds don’t have to be so different after all; technology is made to improve the world we live in. Gardening apps combine the digital world with the natural one through helpful communities of gardeners, rich with tips and tricks to improve your garden.

Whether you are a gardening novice or a seasoned green thumb, it never hurts to get some extra help. Using technology can improve and update your gardening practice to new heights and convenience. Often when I am unsure about my garden, if I have a problem or want to identify a plant, I turn to the internet for answers. But it’s challenging to track down exactly what you need in a Google search. To make my searches easier, I turn to gardening apps for answers, since they provide the specific information on plants that I am looking for.

Utilize the fantastic resources that the innovations of the internet provides and connect to your world-wide gardening community. These apps can improve your gardening experience by many means that you may not have even thought of. They’re especially great for connecting newbies to seasoned individuals. Share your experiences and questions online for better gardening practices.

If you live in a remote area with few neighboring gardeners to consult, or don’t know how to join a gardening club, then look into a gardening app community. If you’re new to gardening, but not sure where to start or how to find people who can help, these applications are a perfect starting place.

Below are the best free gardening apps to integrate into your practice:

Gardening apps for keeping track of your plants….

Garden Tags:

This gardening app, Gardening Tags, is excellent for keeping track of your garden and finding inspiration from the online community. Take pictures of each plant in your garden to keep a digital journal. It’s especially helpful for those who have trouble remembering their watering or pruning schedules. The app will give you daily reminders about when you need to care for each plant. This app has a helpful identification tool in which you can get useful tips for each plant from the app and the gardening community.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Gardening Companion:

This gardening app, Gardening Companion, helps you keep a digital plant journal, all on your phone. Keep notes and photos on each plant to organize your garden, without worrying that you will misplace your notes. It’s all on your phone! This gardening app helps you track your garden over time, comparing weather conditions and growth throughout the years. It also reminds you when you need to give your plants some extra love, based on the temperature and rainfall.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Free and paid gardening apps
Improve your garden by using gardening apps to find tips and information on the plants in your yard.

Gardening apps for lawn care…

My Lawn:

If your lawn is the pride and joy of your yard, then this is the gardening app, My Lawn, is for you. If nothing ever seems to go right with your yard, this may be the app for you. My Lawn makes lawn care easy with helpful tips based on your Lawn’s size and location. It makes recommendations on how much water your Lawn will need, based on rainfall. The app creates a custom care plan for your yard, recommending the product to use, including when and how to use them.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.


Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Join an international community of gardeners on GrowIt!. This gardening app is especially helpful for growing your local community of gardeners, as it connects you to those in your area. It is a great way to share gardening tips and ask questions to the community. Post a question in you’re having problems with slugs or not sure why your leaves are turning brown, and the online community will be able to help you with your questions.

Gardening apps to relax and play…


If you don’t have any more gardening tasks that need to be completed, but you’re still craving some plant interaction, then check out Viridi. This gardening app is also great for folks who live in the city, with no access to a yard, so they are limited to houseplants. This app is a virtual simulation of growing succulents. The plants grow in real-time, so it is a very slow and meditative app. The great thing about this app is that it’s much harder to kill digital plants than real ones, so you can relax from the pressure that you might be doing something wrong.

Free gardening apps to relax with virtual plant care.

Available on both iOS and Android systems, as well as on your desktop through Steam.

Garden Organizer: Manager and Planter:

Imagine and explore the possibilities of what your garden could be through a virtual layout of your yard with Garden Organizer: Manager and Planter. Move plants around on virtual garden beds to decide how you will arrange them before you commit to putting them in the ground. This app is great for planning your garden, as well as keeping it organized once the plants are placed. It also includes a plant journal so that you have our notes and visual layout in one place.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Gardening apps to help you in the wild…

Garden Answers Plant Identifier:

This gardening app, Gardening Answers Plant Identifier, is perfect for those moments when you just don’t know what the heck is growing next to your rose bushes, or maybe you’re walking in the woods and wondering what a wildflower is. This app is much easier than Google searching the plant; just take a picture of it then upload it to the app. It can automatically recognize over 200,000 plant varieties for your convenience. If it cannot immediately identify the plant, there is an extra service where you can contact a botanist or the gardening community for a questions and answers section.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Leaf Snap:

Leaf Snap is a high quality and professional app developed by the Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University, download this to identify unknown leaves. The app works through photo recognition, making it easy for you to identify plants found throughout the Northeastern United States and Canada (the app is developing to include the entire continental United States). If you are searching from the United Kingdom, then Leafsnap UK has just what you’re looking for.

Available on both iOS and Android systems.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gardening Apps.

How do I connect to gardening communities in person?

Gardening clubs are a great way to connect to fellow gardeners and grow your plant knowledge. There are groups nationwide that you can join, or you can start your own. Check out our article to learn more.

Where do I download these apps?

If you want to download these gardening apps on your phone, they can be accessed though your app store. On Android, this is the Google Play Store. On iOS, they are available through the Apple App Store.


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