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How to Clean Kitchen Counter Quickly and Effectively

How to Clean Kitchen Counter Quickly and Effectively

If you’re like me, doing the dishes and taking out the trash are not our favorite chores. Let’s be honest, it will be great if we had some little magic genie to come in and do all of the household chores we’d rather not do, like cleaning the kitchen counter. I know you are probably wondering, What is an easy way in which I can clean my kitchen counter quickly and efficiently? Well, keep on reading!

As much as I would love to just curl up on my couch and watch Friday Night Lights, there are chores that need to take priority whether we like it or not. 

Cleaning our kitchen counter is one of the chores that most of us often overlook; however, failure to consistently maintain your kitchen counter’s cleanliness can actually cause sickness amongst your household.

Just think about it, how many times have you left freshly bought groceries on your counter that have yet to be cleaned. Or how about raw food scraps that are left just for a minute.

Think about all of the minor instances in which you’ve left unsanitized items on your kitchen counter.

Now think about the last time you’ve cleaned your kitchen counter. Imagine all of the bacteria that has built up on your kitchen counters.

According to Thriveglobal.com, cleaning your kitchen counter prevents common foodborne illnesses.

As mentioned above, the constant buildup of bacteria will eventually lead to common germs such as E.coli and salmonella, thus causing potentially serious illnesses.

Additionally, constant maintenance of your kitchen counters extends the life of your counter as well as other appliances. 

As time progresses, dirt and bacteria can cause some wear and tear to your counters. Dirt and grease can chip away at your surfaces and ruin its once shiny finish. Often after cooking, cleaning counters and stove tops go hand-in-hand. Use this great reference for cleaning your stove after you finish those counters!

Although some may be worried about using harsh chemicals, this method is completely safe and non-toxic!

Continue reading below to see how to clean kitchen your counter quickly and efficiently!

clean kitchen counter


This chore may take a little longer than others, but honestly speaking, all great things take time. Cleaning your kitchen counters should take up two hours. It is a straightforward task; however, it does take a while. It may not be the first priority after a long day of work, but it can surprisingly be a soothing chore on a day off. All you need is two hours to get your kitchen counters shining like new!


Surprisingly, it does not cost much to clean your kitchen counters! Most of these items are basic household necessities that you most likely already have. If not, don’t fret! Altogether, these materials should cost no more than $75. Yes, that seems a little pricey to some; however, most of these items come in large sizes or bulk packages. Additionally, if you choose to skimp out on products, you run the risk of damaging your counters. Cheaper products have the potential to chip away at your surfaces and damage its finish. So, yes, you’re dishing out a little extra money; however, it is absolutely worth it!

Materials Needed

  • Countertop cleaner- Get this pack of three for less than $12! That’s less than $4 a bottle! Find this steal, here!
  • Dishwashing detergent- This is a major bargain! This is a bundle of three bottles of dishwashing liquid and two sponges for $15. Get this steal here!
  • Tile and grout cleaner- The grout cleaner is essential as it will remove all of the dirt built up in the small crevices. Skip the long grocery store lines and pick up a large bottle here!
  • Baking soda- Baking soda is used in almost every single cleaning tutorial. It packs an enormous punch and ensures a clean and shiny finish. Pick up a value size box here!
  • Granite sealer- This is for those with granite or marble countertops. Get a decent-sized bottle here!
  • NanoTowels- All you need is to dampen your NanoTowel, wipe off the desired surface, and boom! You’re done. Get your NanoTowels here!

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Step #1: Pre-Clean!

First, you want to pre-clean your kitchen counters. Wipe off any dirt, crumbs or residue with your damp NanoTowel. The pre-cleaning step is very important as it removes the first layer of dirt. You do not want to start applying cleaning products before you’ve wiped off the first layer of dirt because there is a slight chance in which the products will not effectively clean the entire surface. The products would not have the chance to completely penetrate into the surface thus causing a a lack of efficiency. Make sure to throughly wipe down your surface before moving onto the main steps!

Step #2: Time For A Deep Clean!

Next, you want to get down and deep to remove all of the nasty bacteria that have been living on your counter for who knows how long! With this being said, you want to take your damp NanoTowel and put a minimal amount of dishwashing detergent. Applying too much dishwashing detergent can make for a huge soapy mess and not applying enough soap will nor clean effectively as the soap is too diluted. Make sure to apply the right amount! Proceed to lightly scrub your kitchen counter in small, circular motions. Start small, and increase the size of your circular motions. It is beneficial that you start small to ensure that you’re getting every inch of your kitchen counter.

Step #3: Rinse It Right!

After step two, rinse your kitchen counter. Instead of taking a large basin of water, the only item you need is your NanoTowel! Dampen your towel with warm water and wipe off the excess suds. Once again, it is best if you wipe in circular motions to ensure that you’re covering every spot on your counter. This step is essential because if forgotten, you run the risk of having a sticky counter, thus attracting more dirt and bacteria. After rinsing your kitchen counter, be sure to dry before moving on to step four to prevent a mixture of products.

learn to clean your kitchen counter

Step #4: Deepen the Clean!

In order to get a really deep clean, you’ll definitely need some reinforcement! One of the best reinforcements is none other than baking soda! Apply baking soda to the really tough stains and let the paste sit for around five minutes to pull out the stain. After the five minutes are up, rinse it off with your NanoTowel and warm water. As I stated earlier, baking soda is one of the best reinforcements in the cleaning game. Baking soda is a mild alkali that can easily dissolve dirt and grease in water. After you wipe off the baking soda, make sure to dry the surface before moving onto step five.

Tip: You may want to use a grout cleaner to restore the original colors of the countertop if you have tile kitchen counters.

Step #5: Seal the Deal!

If you have a marble or granite kitchen countertop, it is necessary to seal it after you’ve cleaned it. The sealer is not only used to restore its original finish, but it is also used as a preventative measure. The seal prevents the penetration of water that can cause mold and prevents oil from penetrating through your counter top. Find a sealer that will protect your kitchen countertop and get to sealing! Once you have applied the sealer be sure to buff your kitchen countertop. Buffing your counter will restore the shiny finish it had before applying all of the cleaning products. It leaves for a nice and shiny finish!

clean granite kitchen counter

While you’re at it, you might as well clean your cabinets! Click here to find a quick and efficient way to do so!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to Clean Kitchen Counter

How often should I clean my kitchen counters?

Your counters should be cleaned at least once a week to prevent foodborne illnesses. As mentioned earlier, the numerous items you store on your kitchen counters are filled with bacteria. The more you clean your kitchen counters the more you’re able to avoid illness.

What can I do for really tough stains?

You can always use a magic eraser to remove really stubborn stains. You don’t want to use this all of the time as it may be a little harsh and can potentially ruin your counter. 


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