Home Cleaning How To Clean Carpet – Clear The Chaos And Increase Longevity!

How To Clean Carpet – Clear The Chaos And Increase Longevity!

How To Clean Carpet – Clear The Chaos And Increase Longevity!

Your ground is the foundation of your home, quite literally. Some like to keep the bare floor look while others like to cover it up with some lovely carpeting, which requires extra maintenance. This article will teach you why and how to clean your carpet. 

According to Greenermethod.com, there are numerous benefits to cleaning your carpet.

First and foremost, a clean carpet improves the health of all of the residents in the household. Carpets take on piles of dust and debris that will get anyone sneezing and coughing regardless of the season. Vacuums do not always get to the root of the carpet, thus the need for regularly scheduled monthly cleanings. 

Second of all, a clean carpet can improve the airflow in your home. Believe it or not, the buildup of dust and debris can block proper airflow from your household. Remember how I said the ground is the foundation? Yeah, you may want to take care of it to avoid compromised airflow. 

Lastly, a dirty carpet ruins the aesthetic of your home, no matter the theme. You don’t want to have guests over while your carpet is covered in footprints and wine stains!

Let’s face it, cleaning our carpets is not our favorite job in the world, but it must be done if we plan on maintaining the sleek and cozy look. 

Additionally, failure to keep our carpets clean will force us to either call in a professional cleaning crew or replace the carpet in its entirety. Both of which cost hundreds of dollars. 

Why spend all of this money when you can invest $30 into a DIY chore and then put all the extra money towards savings?

Get some products, put some music on, and get to cleaning! Your carpet and your wallet will thank you!

how to clean your carpet


Cleaning your carpet is not much of a lengthy chore, with only a few simple steps, and you’ll be done instantly. You should expect to clean your carpet for about an hour; however, depending on the size and degree of dirt, it can probably run up to two hours. Nonetheless, you want to ensure that you’re giving your carpet the deepest clean possible due to the fact that a half-done job can run you the cost of a new carpet! 


You do not need many products to clean your carpet. Ideally, you will need some carpet cleaning products as well as some handheld products to ensure maximum clean. Overall, you should expect to spend around $30, excluding the vacuum. You want to make sure that you are purchasing high-quality products so that you don’t have to worry about potential damages.

Materials Needed To Clean Carpet

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Step #1: Prepare The Surface

The first step you want to take is to prepare your surface, move all of the furniture out of the way and get rid of all the clutter surrounding your workspace.

More importantly, you want to vacuum your carpet prior to applying any kind of cleaning product. A vacuum with rotating bristles is the most ideal option as it does the best job at lifting embedded dirt. 

A standup vacuum is excellent for people with back and knee problems as you can reach farther distances without having to compromise your stance. If you do not suffer from joint issues, you can always opt for a handheld vacuum if you want to be closer to the surface. 

Nonetheless, any vacuum has the potential to exceptionally clean your carpet; it is all based on preference.

This step is extremely important due to the fact that if you start applying wet products while there is lint and dust lingering, it can actually get stuck and become embedded into your carpet, thus making your efforts counterproductive.

After decluttering and vacuuming, you are ready to get to cleaning! 

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Step #2: Pour The Product

Since you have just finished prepping your area, it is time to start cleaning the surface. Start by pouring your carpet cleaning solution in small sections at a time. If you pour the entire cleanser on the carpet at once, sections will become stiff and hard while the cleanser just soaks in. 

Unlike the other articles throughout this blog, it is not really recommended to use a household product like dish soap to clean your carpet. If push comes to shove and you cannot find a carpet cleaner anywhere, then you may want to use it. Be sure to use it with extreme caution as using too much soap can lead to a huge sudsy mess and damage your carpet. 

Tip: Be sure to do a patch test in an inconspicuous area prior to pouring the cleanser on the entire carpet.

Step #3: Scrub A Ton

Now that you have your carpet cleaner ready to go in your area, it is time to bust out your scrub brush. 

After you have poured your solution on your area, start scrubbing your carpet in small circular motions to ensure maximum coverage. This step is vital as the carpet cleaner removes the stains as well as deodorize the carpet.

The scrubbing adds extra power and allows you to get deep into the carpet. If you have a carpet that is made of more fur, you really want to ensure that you are getting into the root of the carpet to eliminate all dirt and dust.

If you want to slash your time in half, you can always use a scrubbing pole instead of a smaller brush. The pole helps you reach the entire surfaces a lot faster.

Be sure to reach all of the spots on your carpet before moving on.

Step #4: Re-Vacuum And Reorganize

Lastly, you want to vacuum your carpet again. The second round of vacuuming is crucial due to the fact that some carpet cleansers turn into a powder after cleaning; therefore, you will need to vacuum again to ensure that you remove all of the powder.

Additionally, when you scrub with a brush, bristles tend to get loose and will stay stuck in between your carpet hairs. You just spent time cleaning your carpet; the last thing you want is to have lingering bristles!

After vacuuming, you are ready to reorganize your entire space. Put back all of the furniture, sit back, and enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet! 

Now, in case you want to clean under the carpet, click here to see how to clean your marble floors!

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how to get your carpets really clean

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Clean Carpet

How can I reach different parts of my carpet like the corners?

Be sure to utilize the different head attachments on your vacuum to ensure maximum coverage and maximum clean.

I have a white carpet, what can I do to remove the harsher stains?

You can use bleach to-go sticks to remove deeper, tougher stains.

Would it be best to clean tough spots before cleaning the carpet?

Absolutely! Pre-treating your carpet increases your chances of removing even the toughest of stains in its entirety.

How often should we clean the carpet this way?

The carpet should be cleaned this way at least once a month to maintain its longevity.


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