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How To Clean Carpet Dog Urine – Make Sense Of The Mess

How To Clean Carpet Dog Urine – Make Sense Of The Mess

Let’s face it; we all love our furry friends, especially dogs. Unfortunately, they tend to leave us little surprises all over the place, even our carpet. Although we cannot get mad because these fur babies are so cute, it is frustrating having to clean urine stains. Continue reading to see how to clean carpet dog urine.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should frequently be cleaning your dog’s urine from your carpet.

First and foremost, urine that is left to sit and dry can become a breeding ground for bacteria. As the urine lingers on the carpet, the bacteria begin to build up and travel throughout the house if not treated immediately, potentially making the entire household sick.

Let’s not forget the putrid smell that lingers after every time our dog uses a bathroom. Seriously, there are times where no amount of air freshener can cover up the smell.

Lastly, dog urine can leave massive damage on your carpets if not appropriately treated. According to Cleanasawhistlehouston, when urine is first deposited on the carpet, it has a lower pH of anywhere from five to six, which is relatively easy to remove. However, as the urine is left over time, it begins to harden, thus making its pH anywhere from ten to twelve, which is fairly high.

It is much harder to remove the urine once it is in this state due to the fact that it turns into an alkaline, which increases the acidity. The acidity is extremely difficult to remove from the carpet, which can damage your carpet to the point of needing a new one.

Not to mention that a new carpet can run you hundreds and potentially a couple of thousand dollars after all the services are included. 

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Why wait until your carpet reaches the point of no return? Get the products you need and get to cleaning! I promise your dog, your carpet, and your wallet will thank you for it!

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Cleaning dog urine out of carpet is no easy feat, and it won’t be completed at the drop of a hat, so be prepared to put some time aside.

Depending on the size of your carpet as well as the degree of staining, you should expect to take anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes (1-2 hours). This is one chore you do not want to rush. If you zoom through this chore, you’ll most likely be dishing out a great amount of money for a new carpet in the long run. 


There are multiple options you have regarding potential products. You can rent a portable urine remover for $30 a day and also pay for a cleaning solution that will cost another $20. In total, this method will cost you about $50.

However, on this blog, we always try to recommend household items because they are cheaper and pack just as much of a punch as higher-end products. With this option, you will be spending around $30 to remove your dog’s urine from your carpet.

Materials Needed to Clean Carpet Dog Pee

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Step #1: Get Ready To Go!

cleaning dog pee from carpet

The first step you want to take is to clear up your entire area (i.e., move all of the furniture out of the way). You want to do this because sometimes dogs will urinate in places that we wouldn’t even think of checking. More importantly, do you really want to be bumping into furniture while trying to clean?

After you’ve moved all of the furniture out the way, it is recommended that you vacuum your rug. Our carpets are typically full of lint and fur; therefore, when you apply wet products to the carpet, the lint can actually become embedded into the surface.  

Once you have moved all of your furniture out of the way, you are ready to get to cleaning!

Step #2: Make and Mix!

Due to the fact that we’re using household items to clean the dog urine from your carpet, we have to mix items to create the ideal solution.

Mix one part vinegar to one part water and pour it into your spray bottle

Vinegar is excellent for cleaning because its acidity is so powerful that it does not only disinfect your carpet, but it will deodorize it as well (after the funky smell wears off, of course).

Step #3: Spray And Scrub!

Spray your vinegar mixture on the urine stain and blot it into the carpet using your microfiber cloth. Be sure to blot before scrubbing to ensure that the mixture reaches the root of the carpet.

Next, you want to take your scrub brush and scrub the stain in small circular motions to ensure maximum coverage. 

After you have finished scrubbing the current section that you are working on, blot it dry with a new microfiber cloth.

Be sure to work in small sections; if you spray the mixtures all at once, your carpet will harden, and it will be even harder to clean the dog urine out of your carpet. 

Once you have blotted and dried your sections, you’re ready to move on.

Step #4: Baking Soda Backup!

To ensure that you are maximizing your clean, you want to add some reinforcements! Baking soda is one of the best cleaning items, as its properties are strong enough to lift dirt from the carpet.

Apply thin layers of baking soda to the stains. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and remove it with a damp microfiber cloth.

Again, wait until the areas dry before moving onto the final step.

Step #5: The Last of the Reinforcements!

You’re almost done; you just need one last reinforcement to fix the stains left on your carpet.

Mix ½ a cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish soap and pour it into your spray bottle. Apply the solution to the stain once again and begin to scrub. If some stains are really tiny or just hard to get at, you can always use a toothbrush to really put a focus on those stains.

Blot the solution dry with a fresh microfiber cloth and leave as little solution as possible to avoid damaging your carpet, especially if you have fur carpet. If not removed fast enough, the hairs can harden and become very stiff over time. 

After you have dried your carpet, it is recommended that you vacuum your carpet again to pick up any stray hairs that might’ve fallen out of the scrub brush.

There you have it! Your carpet is as good as new!

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how to clean dog pee

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Clean Carpet Dog Pee

How can I find urine stains that may be hidden?

Use a blacklight! These special lights reveal stains that you would miss if you’re looking with a bare eye.

Can I use this method for a floor without a carpet?

Ideally, you can use this method; however if your floor is bare, you can use chemical cleansers because a carpeted floor is extremely vulnerable to damage from these kinds of cleansers. 

A chemical cleanser will cut your cleaning time in half but if you’re looking for more natural products, this is the guide for you!


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