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How to Clean Bathroom Properly

How to Clean Bathroom Properly

Let’s face it, cleaning your bathroom is probably one of the least glamorous chores that need to be done. Between dirty sinks and spotty mirrors, it can seem very daunting to clean your bathroom all at once. Keep reading to see how to clean your bathroom properly.

Cleaning your bathroom often is essential! You’re in your bathroom a lot, thus causing your walls to get dirty and floors to get dusty.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s typical. I know some mornings I’m rushing out of the house and I don’t have the time to wipe off the foundation that flew onto my walls earlier in the morning.

Sure, it seems harmless. A bit of mascara here, or aftershave there seems like nothing right? Unfortunately, the longer you let stains like such build up, they become harder to remove the longer they sit. It’s annoying but after a while it needs to be cleaned as your walls start to look dingy and dirty.

In addition, think about all of the hair that tends to get clogged up in your shower drain, which leads to dirt tracks in your shower.

It’s not only your overall aesthetic that you’re jeopardizing, you are risking your health as well.

According to Accreditednursing.com, “A clean bathroom requires wiping surfaces daily and deep cleaning weekly in order to prevent illness and infections affecting aging and/or unhealthy individuals.”

Additionally, an unsanitary bathroom can lead to issues with breathing, bacteria and stomach viruses.

An unsanitary bathroom may lead to viruses such as E.coli, Norovirus and salmonella. 

As germs begin to build up, we tend to breathe in those nasty germs which will lead to viruses like such.

Although this may sound nerve wracking, it is indeed avoidable! 

Continue reading to find out how to avoid these viruses and more. Happy cleaning!

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As much as we wish that every chore could be done in under an hour, unfortunately, that is not the case for cleaning your bathroom. In order to clean your bathroom properly, it is going to take you a few hours. 

Between cleaning the shower, cabinets, toilets, and sink, you should expect to be cleaning for about three hours. Although it may seem like a long time, it is crucial to take your time cleaning your bathroom. If you rush through your cleaning, your efforts will be counterproductive as you won’t get all of the spots properly, and you will still have dirt lingering at the end of your cleaning.


In order to properly clean your bathroom, it is going to cost you quite a bit. Although it may cost you a pretty penny, you want to use the best products possible. Cheaper products tend to contain chemicals that are harsh and can potentially damage your surfaces.

Properly cleaning your bathroom will cost you around $75 total, depending on what products you already have in your cleaning cupboard. As mentioned above, it is not the most affordable chore; however, most of these products come in bulk or larger sized containers, thus getting more bang for your buck. These products will give you the best cleaning at reasonable prices and potentially minimize your efforts. 

Materials Needed

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Step #1: Remove All Of The Clutter!

Before you bust out any of the cleaning products and clean your bathroom, be sure to remove all of the cluttering products. 

Remove all of your shampoo bottles, body washes, and loofahs from your shower area. Proceed to empty your medicine cabinets, take this time to get rid of any expired medications or lotions. The last thing you want is to continue to put old lotions on your face!

This step is pretty straightforward yet crucial due to the fact that there is no way you can get a deep clean with a ton of bottles in the way.

If you want to maximize your clean, wipe down all of your bottles with disinfectant wipes!

After this step, you’re ready to clean your bathroom properly!

Step #2: Beat The Bathtub!

The first thing you want to start with is your bathtub!

Grab your bathtub cleaner and spread an even coat all over your tub. Let the cleaner sit for about thirty minutes. If you have some extreme buildup, I recommend an acid-base cleanser.

This will definitely break down all of the grime that is stuck on your bathtub.

Step #3: Soap Up The Sink!

While your bathtub solution is settling, use this time to clean your sink!

Once again, using your multi-purpose cleanser, apply it generously all over your sink. You also want to let this solution sit for about 15-20 minutes. You want to let this solution sit due to the fact that you may have toothpaste stains that may have built up over time. Additionally, the longer you let your cleanser sit, the more disinfected your surface would be. 

Let your solution sit and come back to it in a few moments.

Step #4: Tackle Your Extra Surfaces

While your cleanser is sitting in both your bathtub and sink, move onto your other surfaces.

Using your multi-purpose cleaner, start cleaning your walls and cabinet doors and any other surfaces available.

Use your glass cleaner and microfiber towel to clean your mirror.

To get an extra deep clean on your walls, be sure to clean your tile grout. If you want an in-depth description of how to clean tile grout, click here! 

After all of your surfaces are cleaned and dried properly, move onto the next step.

Step #5: Go Back!

Ideally, it should have taken you about thirty minutes since you’ve applied the solution to your bathtub and sink.

Go back and rinse off your bathtub and sink. All of the stains should have been removed from your surfaces; however, sometimes stains are so stubborn!

If this is the case, spritz your multi-purpose cleaner on your surfaces and scrub in small circular motions to ensure you are grasping every part of your surface.

Using your microfiber cloth, wipe off the remaining cleanser, rinse off your bathtub and sink. Dry everything off nicely, and you’re done with that part of your bathroom!

Step #6: Take On The Toilet

how to clean bathroom quickly and effectively

We’re moving on to one of the least glamorous parts of cleaning your bathroom, the dreaded toilet.

It takes hard work to achieve an adequately cleaned bathroom, so get those rubber gloves on and get going!

Apply toilet cleaner to your toilet bowl and let it soak for five minutes. 

While this soaks in, spray your exterior with your disinfectant spray and scrub in circular motions.

After the five minutes are up, use a toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl’s interior, and you’re done.

Use a toothbrush(Not your annoying roommate’s toothbrush you sly devil) to scrub around your toilet bowl clips before rinsing them off. If using a toothbrush takes up more time than you have, you can opt for a magic eraser instead!

See, it wasn’t so bad!

Step #7: Dust The Dirt!

Now that you’ve cleaned your bathroom correctly, you want to start cleaning your bathroom by sweeping the floor.

Start in the northwest corner of your bathroom floor and work your way south. This step is essential because it removed the first layer of dust and crumbs, and if you’re like me, chunks of broken eyeshadow or droplets of shaving cream and beard trimmings.

After you sweep your floor, you can proceed to mop your floor. Use your multi-purpose cleaner and mop your floor all over. Once again, start in the northwest corner and move south. Allow your floor to dry completely before going back into the bathroom to avoid tracking new stains.

Once you have finished cleaning your bathroom floor, you have officially finished cleaning your bathroom!

Get Creative!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to Clean a Bathroom

How often should I clean my bathroom?

At a minimum, you should deeply clean your bathroom at least once every two months. Waiting too long will cause a ton of dirt and buildup that will be a pain to remove. Cleaning too frequently can potentially cause damages to your surfaces due to the many chemicals included in your products.

Will it be cheaper to have someone clean my bathroom?

Unfortunately, no. Hiring someone to properly clean your bathroom will cost you upwards $150-500 for one cleaning. Compare $75 and some elbow grease to $150-500 for one cleaning. Yes, you may feel a little tired at the end, but your wallet will thank you!

What should I use for extremely tough spots?

You can use the tried and true magic eraser! You can use this on your walls, doors, tiles etc! Just be careful not to scrub too hard. You have just used numerous cleaning products so there is a chance you may chip at your surfaces. Use a toothbrush for tough spots like toilet bowl clips.


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