Home Cleaning How To Clean Bathroom Glass Door – Scrub And Shine!

How To Clean Bathroom Glass Door – Scrub And Shine!

How To Clean Bathroom Glass Door – Scrub And Shine!

Let’s be real, chores are no fun (obviously), and they tend to be put towards the back of our minds as we tend to live pretty busy lives. Yes, the idea of having glass doors sound super cool, but are you ready to maintain the astonishing aesthetic? Some people tend to neglect their doors simply because they don’t want to spend the time cleaning it, whereas others honestly do not know how to clean bathroom glass door. 

As mentioned above, glass bathroom doors seem to look pretty cool. It’s timeless and provides a luxurious feel; however, this is only if you maintain your doors by keeping up with weekly wipe downs and monthly deep cleans.

Honestly speaking, how luxurious do fingerprints and dirt specs look? Unfortunately, unlike other materials, glass is susceptible to specks and stains.

This occurs for many reasons. First and foremost, hard water contains minerals that, when mixed with soap, leave soap scum all over your glass door.

Additionally, soap scum is more challenging to get off of glass than other materials due to the fact that glass is a porous material. This means that all of the hard water materials will subtly seep into your glass bathroom door and will make it even harder to remove.

This begins to build up a film that will eventually get so thick that you can actually damage your door. After a while, the film builds up so much that you can no longer remove all of the dirt; no matter how many deep cleanings you do, there will always be lingering residue. 

How’s that for a luxurious aesthetic? 

According to The New York Timesfailure to clean your doors can not only ruin its appearance but can make you sick as well. As multiple people touch the same door, germs begin to build up and spread, thus leading to sickness and infections.

Avoid all of these pesky repercussions, continue reading and get to cleaning those glass bathroom doors!

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There are multiple options for doing this chore; continue reading to indicate what options are best for your bathroom glass door.

Regardless of the method, it all depends on the size, thickness, and amount of dirt on your door, you should expect to be cleaning your bathroom glass door for anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes; it’s a quick chore you can cross off after work or on a Sunday morning. This indicates that this is an easy chore to keep up with and maintain regularly scheduled cleanings.


It does not cost much to clean your bathroom glass door! All you need are some basic household items and specific cleansers, and you’re on your way to achieving a shiny bathroom glass door! 

You should expect to spend around $40 on the following items. Most of these items come in value sizes or bulk packages so that you can make the most out of your spending!

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Materials Needed to Clean Bathroom Glass Door

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Step #1: Wash And Wipe

The first thing you want to do is a pre-cleansing wipe down. Take your microfiber cloth, dip it in some warm water, and begin to wipe down your entire bathroom glass door.

This step is vital as it removes the first layer of dirt as well as preps the more stubborn stain for a deeper clean. 

Luckily for this task, you do not need to remove your bathroom glass door; however, make sure to get inside the deep crevices such as the corners and hinges. To do so, take a toothbrush and scrub the corners in circular motions to ensure maximum coverage. 

Once you’ve finished your first initial wipe, it’s time to move onto step two.

FYI: If you struggle with reaching heights as I do, you may want to use a ladder. When choosing to use a ladder, be sure to practice proper ladder safety. Ensure that you face the steps, standing in the middle of the steps, and maintaining three-point contact (one foot, two hands or two feet, one hand). 

Option #1: Spray And Scrub (For Low-End Stains)

Now, if you have lower end stains (minor fingerprints, minimal dirt specs, etc.), you can actually use a “home remedy” cleanser instead of going out and purchasing a cleanser. 

Mix a solution of one part lemon juice to five parts of warm water. Make sure to be exact with your measurements! If you skimp out on the water, the solution will be mostly lemon, which will make your doors extremely sticky and full of residue, leaving you with a bigger mess than the one you started with. If you add too much water, you run the risk of diluting your solution, and there will be no active cleaning agents, thus making your efforts counter-productive.

Lemon is perfect for cleaning due to the fact that it is antibacterial and antiseptic. Its acidic properties are strong enough to remove stains, and its antibacterial properties are strong enough to disinfect your glass door.

Once you have your solution mixed and ready to go, pour it into your spray bottle and get to cleaning! Spray your solution at the top of your bathroom glass door and begin to scrub straight up and down with your microfiber cloth to avoid streaks.

It is recommended that you start cleaning from top to bottom and only spray the solution when you’re ready to wipe. This is because if you spray the solution and let it sit, it will begin to dry. If your solution dries without it being wiped, it will leave a ton of streaks on your door. You are leaving yourself right back at square one!

Wipe your door up and down until you have covered the entire surface, and you’re done! If you want some reinforcements, you can always go back in and clean a second and even third time to really lock in your clean. Once you’ve finished however many cleanings you want, let your bathroom glass door air dry and voila you’re done!

Option #2: Spray And Scrub (For Higher End Stains)

As the heading indicates, this method is for more in-depth stains such as built-up film and residue.

For this method, your efforts are ideally the same, just using a different product. For harsher stains, you want to use a glass cleaner. The glass cleaner contains strong chemicals that will lift all lingering residue and film.

Once again, spray your cleanser at the top and continue to work your way down until your entire bathroom glass door is cleaned.

Make sure to use a microfiber cloth over a sponge! A sponge is too abrasive and can lead to scratches all over your bathroom glass door. On the other hand, a microfiber cloth can clean, dry, and buff your surface without the harsh markings! 

As mentioned above, once you’ve cleaned your bathroom glass door as many times as you choose, let your door air dry, and you’re finished!

That wasn’t so bad, right? If you’re looking to clean your entire bathroom, click here!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Clean Bathroom Glass Door

Do the cleaning steps differ from glass compared to other materials?

Yes! Glass is a much more delicate surface which requires a specific set of steps compared to other materials.

How can I maximize the shine on my bathroom glass doors?

You can always buff your doors with a microfiber cloth after you’re done cleaning the entire door.


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